How do we change a thought pattern of anger and blockage shown towards us … to a calm soothing open mood for the other person … is it by we focusing and amplifying our own calmness, peace and love towards them … or are there any other way?

Human scientist confirms that  the purposes we human has anger and fear is for survival. Survival from life threatening danger and not used as an instrument to bypass the intelligent.  Both are merely defensive mechanism to protect us from danger. When a person experiences anger the brain causes the body to release stress hormones, adrenaline and noradrenaline. Both hormones make us breath fast, strengthen the muscles in the legs and the hands.

We human bypass the natural tendency to protect or run by abusing it, creating very wrong vibrations in ourselves. Our mind has programmed itself on the way we react over the anger. Some may be aggressive some may be with calm energy with fear.

How to manage anger?

NLP Perspectives

  1. Use the zoo metaphor, for example assuming we are the zoo keeper and dealing with many types of different animals there, lions, tiger, peacock, parrots, cows, mule etc. Empower the thought that “I shall never change the nature of lion to be rat and vice versa. This self-talk shall allow us to be more composed. I teach this in NLP class.
  2. Apply 6.30pm rule. If anger strikes, mentally tell the anger to report/complain on stipulated time in a day, let say 6.30pm. At that time, sit quietly and invite the anger to complaint. Listen to it ask this question, is there any other complaints. We can use the method for all other negative emotions. It works.
  3. Time Line Therapy – Seek assistance from the NLP Practitioner
  4. Hypnotherapy – Seek support from the certified hypnotherapist
  5. Devotion, seek apologies “I am very sorry this situation hurts you a lot” just to help that person to calm down. This is withdrawal strategy, they only will listen when they are not angry, give advice later.  If you read the word carefully, you are not asking apologies, you are actually feeling sad for his anger.

Spiritual Perspectives

  1. Prana meditation – Make the breath slow down opposite to heavy breathing
  2. Look at the eyes compassionately, they will feel guilty immediately and shall walk away or will tone down
  3. Tell this, all other emotions are fake except for love. I shall never budge from this.
  4. Watch you self, tell this, dear God, thank you for allowing me to face the angry person, I shall never fail to be your loving seeker. I shall never let go my peace which is your nature.

Prepared by, Dr.Arivalan
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