One of the most common causes of sufferings of many are, we became stagnant in our effort to change upon blaming others for our misfortune or emotional upsurge. Continuously looking at fault in others, we are feeding our ego that we are always right. One may have differences in terms of profile, beliefs and values. How do we respond to others? Some accepts, some rejects quietly and some confront aggressively. We may have this thought which is “my way is your way”. We set expectations, we seize the others from thinking, we remove creativity and push away suggestions. The results never be good even one claim, they achieved what they want. Emotional upsurge will be bad.

In modern days *eye for an eye make the everyone blind* is not understood. Stress in workplace, stress at home, stress in relationships. Why? Attachment to the expectations is the *culprit*. I remember a father who forced his son to pursue medicine program, controlled him in every way of thinking including who he should speak took his life. Attachment to our own form of behavior is fine. However many never stops there, they possessively impose their own value system on others. Unfortunately, sometimes it end in stress, anxiety, depressions etc. Talk to NLP Practitioners, some will be surprised, how they can help those who are suffering from the symptoms above.

*Change the thoughts, world will change*.

Do not assume that the message above is telling that the parents must never guide or advice their children. Each children respond to advice differently. They also shall not respond the same way the parents did with their own parents. The is a famous Buddha’s teaching.

Never let the string too loose, you cannot play the music instrument, and never allow the string to be too tight, the string will snap. Middle path is the best option for everyone.

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