For some of us, our past could be hurting us, disturbing our peace even though it happened long time ago. The event flashes in our mind and provoke the negative feelings. How to get rid of the negative past?

Follow the steps below:-

1. Sit in a comfortable place, take a deep breath and relax your body. Float to the event, Imagine that you are witnessing event by standing five floor higher than the event. You must see yourself in the image, very small and facing the problems if you were there, otherwise nevermind. Tell yourself that ” I am not in that body so I don’t have any emotions”. Take the image and place it in a photo frame. Freeze the image after that, drop any emotions that you are feeling know.
After dropping, see if there is another emotion there, drop it as well. Drop each emotion that crops up until you go to a space where there is no more emotions. When there are no remaining emotions, you will feel the peace in you. Cling along with the peace and cone back to your seat. Take a deep breath and relax. The bad past shall be altered. Happy Trying

By Dr. Arivalan

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