Making changes in our inner image and voice – A therapeutic method.

If we notice everyone of us are disturbed by the past incident either when we sounds or the we see the image of the unpleasant past incident. Either one or both could affect our peace at the present moment badly. Now how to remove the bad emotions that crops from the past event?

Alter the image

Close your eyes, recall the image and do this.
– Change the color of the image to black and white.
– Make the image blur
– Place the image in a photo frame and watch it as a black and white photo.
– Remove yourself from the image if you are in it.
– Add one or two comedians and cartoon character in it.
– Change the location of the image, for example if you see it infront, drop it to lower, if you see on the left move it to right and etc.
– Add some funny voice in it if the voice is triggering your emotions.
– Throw the image very far away until it becomes a dust and catch fire.

Open your eyes and check your emotions, it will be gone.

These is a powerful therapeutic method which Dr. Arivalan  will demonstrate, teach in class and meant for counselling team which he will be forming this week to address the stress issues.

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